About Us

Going to the dentist is not something most people look forward to. Negative connotations in society and bad personal experiences as a child contribute to many peoples' fears. These fears actually cause many people to avoid going to the dentist and suffer with easily corrected dental problems. Simply stepping into most dental offices can trigger a flood of emotions.

Dr. George Jones recognizes this and has built a brand new office in Sunset Beach. With the help of an aspiring interior designer, who happens to have a primary career in dentistry, Dr. Jones has built an office with every aspect of the patients' perspective in mind. The colors, furniture, aroma, and music were all specifically chosen to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Aiken

"We wanted our patients to feel like they were visiting a beach house, rather than a typical dental office. My designer, Lisa Britt, did a terrific job of making sure we captured that feel," said Jones.

One notices immediately as you enter the reception area that this is not the typical dental office of white walls and commercial tile flooring. Here you are greeted by hardwood flooring, bright walls with white bead board trim, crown molding and the sounds of commercial free satellite radio. At every turn within the office, you are greeted with pleasant surprises, from the hand painted beach mural that encompasses the patient bathroom to the floor to ceiling picture of beach scenes which adorn each treatment room.

The new facility was also designed to incorporate the latest in dental technology and patient entertainment. One of the most used is the special dental light which has a 17 inch monitor attached to it. It easily pivots to be viewed by the patient whether sitting up or laying back. This monitor allows the patient to watch cable TV or one of 3 DVD's which we have playing at all times.

"We try to keep a nice variety of DVD's on hand: relaxation videos, cartoons for the kids, even old Andy Griffith reruns."

But these monitors aren't just for entertainment, but for enhancing our patient communication and education also. We use them to show the patients their digital X-rays, patient education videos, even pictures of their own teeth. If you're not in the mood for TV, patients are able to choose between listening to a CD, satellite radio or their favorite local radio station. A tiny control panel located on the wall allows each treatment room to individually suit that patient's desire.

"We knew that we were going to utilize some of the latest dental innovations like digital X-rays, computerized charts, and digital intra-oral photography. The audio-visual system was a natural extension of that technology. The patient's absolutely love it. It really gives them some control over their environment and how their time is spent. In fact, many bring their favorite movies or music with them".